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Belt Replacement In Lehi, UT

There are two kinds of belts that need replacing in your car: the timing belt and the serpentine belt.

Just like most of the other parts of your vehicle, they can also get worn down in time or due to use – it is simply the way it is. Something every car owner must understand, however, is that diligent care for these belts is of the utmost importance, if you want your vehicle to keep running in its best state.

We at Mobile Mechanic Lehi, fortunately, offer both in our belt replacement services, so you need not look any further, if you’re in the market for the best auto repair shop around—you’ve already found us!
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– Marcel Ortiz

What is the Timing Belt and What Does it Do?

Your timing belt – or timing ‘chain’, with certain makes and models – is responsible for synchronizing the movement of your engine valve’s crankshaft and camshaft. In certain models, the timing belt is also responsible for keeping the water pump in rotation.

As the crankshaft and camshaft mix, compress, and ignite fuel, air, and water through the engine valves and spark plugs, it is the timing belt that keeps everything in a smooth and stable process. Without it, the entire system would fall apart and you would be left with an improperly working engine or complete engine failure entirely.

There are, of course, signs and symptoms to look out for, when you think that it’s time for a timing belt replacement. You might be having difficulty with starting up your engine. If you open up the hood and see that the reinforced rubber of the timing belt is starting to show cracks, then it’s time to call up the shop for a belt replacement.

It’s important not to delay replacing the timing belt as it’s the one that practically holds your engine valve’s processes together! Now… what about the other one?

What is the Serpentine Belt and What Does It Do?

Despite the name, you really shouldn’t be hearing a hissing sound under that hood when you start up your engine. A screeching, hissing sound is your car’s engine trying to tell you that it needs a new serpentine belt.

The serpentine belt gets its name from the fact that this tough piece of rubber slithers and wraps around a lot of the engine’s accessories—if it’s not the timing belt, it’s the serpentine one that’s got your water pump going. It’s also responsible for alternator, which allows the battery to charge.

For a simple piece of equipment, the serpentine belt does its job very well. And given proper care and maintenance, it can last for years—or several thousand miles, whichever comes first. However, when those screeching noises start to make themselves known, then you know that it’s time to get a new one.

Unlike many other car or engine parts, the serpentine belt is relatively inexpensive to replace. Most experts, even ours, recommend regular replacement of these belts in order to avoid accidents. After all, it’s more than money you’ll be saving when you avoid the inconvenience of randomly being caught in the middle of the road with a serpentine belt snapped in half, when replacing it is as easy as 1,2,3!

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