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Clutch & Transmission repairs

Where there is a clutch, there is a transmission – those two go hand in hand, and they are both necessary to operate any car. Just like the systems in a human body, these components are vital to the whole.

How does the clutch & transmissions work?

Through the transmission, you can connect to the engine; it’s also through the transmission that you can supply the necessary power for the wheels to turn. The clutch acts as a kind of switch that engages and disengages the transmission from the engine. It changes, just ever so slightly, when it comes to manual transmission and clutch.

With manual transmission, your engine continues to run even if the car itself isn’t. And it’s through the clutch that you can change gears when you’re driving manually. Basically, without the clutch & transmission – a car is only a few thousand pounds of motionless metal.

“Radiator replacement took less time then I thought, and they didn’t spill a drop of radiator fluid on the driveway. Super impressed.”
– Frank Simon

Why does my clutch & transmissions need repair or replacement?

Much like all the rest of your vehicle, the machinery can wind down and become less effective over time or over usage. Nothing, as they say, lasts forever. But the thing is, you need for your clutch and transmission to be in excellent shape, if you want any chance to get anywhere while inside your vehicle.

How do i know that my clutch & transmissions are damaged?


There are signs that make themselves known if your car needs a visit to your local mechanic. Some models have a warning light on your dashboard that light up when something is wrong with your clutch and/or transmission – it’s one or the other, really, as they’re both necessary to each other.

If you see any leaking red fluid or if you need to replace your transmission fluid too often, then your transmission may have a leak that needs repair. Much like your radiator, your transmission also needs to have its fluid regularly flushed, because old fluid can cause for your car to underperform, and could even result in permanent damage if you ignore it for too long. If you smell something burning, for example, then that could be the scent of burning or overheated transmission fluid—which means it needs to get checked by a professional immediately.

Other signs are palpable when you’re actually trying to operate the car, like if it hesitates when you shift gears or if it doesn’t respond to your commands right away. In cases of emergency, that split second could be the fine line between a fatality and a lucky break.

This is why it’s absolutely important to make sure that your clutch and transmission are in full working capacity at all times.

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