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Car Tune Up in Lehi, Utah

Much like people, even machines like cars need a little R&R – however, for cars, R&R stands for ‘repair’ and ‘recharge’, instead of rest and relaxation. It is for more of the same thing, though – both people and machines need this process in order to heal from the inside out. In essence, that’s what a tune up or a maintenance check for a car is.

Unlike people, and other sentient beings, however… cars can’t just choose to bring themselves in to the shop in order to get their regular, much needed dose of tender, love, and care. You, as owners, need to look out for the signs that this worthy investment of yours needs a tune up.

Why does my car need a tune up?

Think of it like a common cold – except for your car. It’s almost inevitable, at some point, that your car will need something in order to heal it from a malady that was no one’s fault.

“Great Service! They arrived on time and got the job done quick. Will be calling them again.”
– Darren Clay

Perhaps, you’ve heard the engine misfire or stall more than once. Has your car been under-performing when it comes to mileage? Are you finished ignoring that glaring ‘check engine’ warning light, and have come to terms that, no, it won’t just go away on its own?

Then, perhaps you might be in need of a tune up. Here are some more in depth examples of what to look out for, when you think your car needs a little visit to the car repair shop.

What are the signs that my car needs a tune up?

Generally, if you’re not too familiar with the ins and outs of your car and you feel as though it isn’t performing at its best, it’s advisable to leave it to the professionals to do the inspection for you. There are many ways that a car can show signs of wear and tear over the years.

Here’s a short list that includes only some of the most common symptoms:

  • Rough Riding – Did your car use to have that soft, sweet purr as it came to life and your rides were always smooth and sailing? An early sign of disrepair is if that same engine then starts to shudder or shake when running or even if it’s just idle. This can happen when your engine has clogged fuel lines or air filters – and that means, it’s tune up time!
  • Fire in the Hole! – Engine misfires are another sign that your car needs a little loving from the best auto repair shop around. These misfires can be due to worn-out spark plugs, which could be responsible for a depleted fuel economy and annoyingly slow acceleration. A quick tune-up could fix you right on up from that.
  • Stop, ‘Check Engine’ Light – This should be one of the most tell-tale signs that something needs to be fixed immediate, so naturally… it’s one of the signs many car owners tend to ignore. This is because they think that their car is operating pretty well and that there isn’t anything to check up on. The thing is, this warning light is there for a reason – if it’s on, nine times out of ten… you’ve got a fixer upper on your hands.
  • Need for (Regular) Speed – The thing is, cars that haven’t had a tune up in a while just can’t perform as well as they used to. Older models can even have their distributor points compromised, while other models could have their fuel injectors clogged and filled with sludge, which can affect the vehicle’s acceleration.

When should my car get a Tune Up?

As stated before, there are signs that your car already desperately needs a maintenance check. We at Mobile Mechanic Lehi, however, can offer regularly scheduled tune-ups, for your convenience.

Of course, each vehicle is different and so we will take the age, model, and manufacturer into consideration, with your availability so everyone wins!

Everything is custom tailored to suit your needs, budget, and vehicle so you won’t have to worry about anything. We can – and will! – even explain to you, step by step, every step in the inspection process so that we can have full transparency with the repairs or replacement parts that you car may need.

A car is a significant investment that should last you for decades, with the right kind of maintenance and care. Treat it well and so shall you reap the rewards of a properly maintained vehicle in the long run!

Give us a call or email us at any time if you have any questions or need any new information, for we are a 24 hour mechanic – open whenever you need us!

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