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You know you’re not having a good day when you’re in need of a towing service. It’s stressful and often, it can feel like it’s the whole world conspiring against you. Everyone has those days, of course, but you always wish it would never happen to you. Something that you can do, however, is have the number of a towing service that you can actually trust – like the number of the best auto repair service in Utah!

Mobile Mechanic Lehi is a fully licensed and insured towing and emergency repair service in the great state of Utah. We know that needing to get your car towed is already an unpleasant experience in itself so our first priority is always your comfort and ensuring that your day isn’t as bad as it may, at first, seem.


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    Calling a tow truck in lehi utahWhat should i look for in a Towing Service Provider?
    Towing services are often called in because something has, rather unexpectedly, gone wrong. This may have happened in the middle of the road while you were driving, or you may have parked and for some reason – your car just decided to stop working.

    It happens!

    When you’re looking for a towing service, however, you want to make sure that you’re not just getting a piggyback ride from one problem to another. Our team of professionals, fortunately, can take care of your vehicle from the moment we pick it up so that you have nothing else to worry about

    tow truck loading car in lehi utah

    When can I call for emergency towing service?

    In contrast to popular belief, calling for towing services are not just taking your broken down car from one point to another.

    Sometimes, you just need a jump start or a spare tire to help get you going. Other times, you may have just accidentally locked your key inside your vehicle – a towing service can actually help you with that! As a matter of fact, we’re even capable of cutting new keys for you as well as rekeying your vehicle!

    A good towing service can provide you with these quick emergency fixes – and, of course, these are services that we are only more than happy to attend to. It’s only when your car needs serious work done that we will take it into the shop. From the minute you put your trust into our capable hands, we do everything we can to make sure that you are given the best possible service.
    And when you need your broken down vehicle from one point to another, we’re only more than happy to tow it along to your chosen destination.

    What else can a towing service do?We’re glad you asked!Is there a car that is illegally parked that you wish to report? Is there a car illegally parked on your private party? We can take care of that for you too! It’s why our number is a handy one to have, just in case you need us – whether it’s for you, or for somebody else.Our professionals are available at any time of day as we are open 24 hours a day!
    “Radiator replacement took less time then I thought, and they didn’t spill a drop of radiator fluid on the driveway. Super impressed.”

    – Frank Simon