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Let’s get that VW Repaired – Lehi, Utah

VW is a named that is renowned in motoring history, and they have some of the most loyal owners of any car you can imagine, and there is a good chance if you find one VW on a family’s driveway, you will find another.

No matter what VW you own, from the classics like the Beetle or the Bus, to the more modern models we can service or repair any model.

Although many a person has got their hands dirty with a wrench and a screwdriver, there comes a time, the old classics just throw up a problem that they are unable to fix. Our mechanics learned their craft on the very models and have gained an in-depth knowledge that is second to none, our mechanics have for many years been busy repairing and helping restore many classics which have gone on to become show winning motors.

No matter what classic model you own, our mechanics can have you up and running in no time, so, if you have one of the earliest split window Beetles right up to the 79 Bay window type van, or any various models in between, buggies and all, it is safe to say if you have anything that has VW parts in it we can service or repair it.

“After a quick call they knew EXACTLY what was wrong with my VW and was over later that day to get it fixed! Super Impressed!”
– Matt Tucker

Although the Beetles are old cars we can make sure you get many more year’s fun driving from them, and along the way we can even upgrade the old components to newer OEM parts which can not only improve your ride but make it much safer and all at a reasonable price.

Our knowledge doesn’t stop with the classics, we can service or repair any of the later models which bring with them a few more problems which are associated with computer controlled engine ignition and the like.

Lets get that VeeDUB back on the road.

Our mechanics have access to the most up to date electronic diagnostic equipment which can pin point an engine problem with a modern VW in just a few minutes. You may find your problem lays in a different area which can be:

  • Engine Repair – TDI Clean Diesel or Gasoline
  • VW Hybrid Repairs
  • Transmission and Drivetrain Repairs – manual & automatic
  • Brake Repairs – Drum, Disc and ABS systems
  • Steering and Suspension problems
  • Headlights and other electrical problems
  • Cooling and Air Con systems

Our VW services are some of the best you will find, and you will find this comes from a true love of all things VW, and the commitment to our customers who value our knowledge, experience and affordability. Our VW services include the same attention to detail as with any other model of vehicle which we can provide the following:

  • Volkswagen Services – factory recommended
  • Oil changes – Oil filter and high quality engine oil
  • Fluid Replacement & Exchange – brake, transmission coolants etc.
  • Performance Tune-Ups
  • Complete Battery check and services
  • Wheel alignment and brake services
  • Tire services

We understand that all Volkswagens deserve the best, from the attention the old models require, the components in which we use and the love of these cars to our skilled mechanics.

Classic VW should be no more difficult than with a more modern model, so no matter which model you own, we always explain to the car owners what work we are doing and the reason why.

Give us a call or email us at any time, we are a 24 hour mechanic – open whenever you need us!