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Fuel Pump Repair in Lehi

The basic law of machinery when it comes to cars is that it needs an energy source in the form of fuel in order to run or function properly. In a car, what feeds fuel from the tank to the engine is the fuel pump. Nowadays, most car models have an electronic fuel pump, but there are still some active models that use mechanical ones.

The fuel pump is responsible for creating pressure for the fuel to reach the engine as it pumps it into the machine, as it were. Unused fuel is also returned to the gasoline tank. As you might imagine, the fuel pump is constantly working as it delivers a smooth, consistent flow for your car to keep working.

If your car starts to become sluggish and slow, then it might be time to get that fuel pump checked.

“Radiator replacement took less time then I thought, and they didn’t spill a drop of radiator fluid on the driveway. Super impressed.”
– Frank Simon

Why does my fuel pump need repair or replacement?

Much like any other component in your car, your fuel pump can get burnt out over time, due to use, or even due to external contaminants seeping into the system. These contaminants are common pollutants such as dirt and rust.

If the fuel filters – components that clean the fuel of these different contaminants – become clogged up, the fuel pump loses its effectiveness and, in turn, lowers the car’s fuel economy.

This makes your car move much more slowly and also, this makes your car eat up way too much gas.

How do i know that my clutch & transmissions are damaged?

There are signs that make themselves known if your car needs a visit to your local mechanic. Some models have a warning light on your dashboard that light up when something is wrong with your clutch and/or transmission – it’s one or the other, really, as they’re both necessary to each other.

If you see any leaking red fluid or if you need to replace your transmission fluid too often, then your transmission may have a leak that needs repair. Much like your radiator, your transmission also needs to have its fluid regularly flushed, because old fluid can cause for your car to underperform, and could even result in permanent damage if you ignore it for too long. If you smell something burning, for example, then that could be the scent of burning or overheated transmission fluid—which means it needs to get checked by a professional immediately.

How can I prevent fuel pump damage?

There are many ways that you can help your fuel pump live out its full life and usefulness inside your car.

First of all, you should always avoid driving while on low fuel or if you have a low gas tank. You run the risk of overheating your fuel pump by doing this as a lot of the fuel that your fuel pump sends to your engine, is sent right back to the tank. This back and forth process allows your fuel pump to cool down.

Second of all, you can try regularly scheduled intervals for replacing your fuel filters, in order for your fuel pumps to work more smoothly.

If you believe that your fuel pump is in need of repair or replacement, give Mobile Mechanic Lehi a call at any time, as we are open 24 hours a day and we are the best auto repair shop in Utah!

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